Voiced by: Taniyama Kishou (Drama CD)
Age: 16
Birthday: July 25th
Sign: Leo
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: O
Favourite food: Carbonated drinks
Pet-peeve: the dentist

Ren is a first year student at St. Nazareth Academy who lives in S-hall, and is also the first guy to share his room with Hiyoki. At first, he is very hesitant about sharing a room with a girl, but he eventually warms up to her, showing a special interest in Hiyoki bordering between a sibling-esque affinity and romantic inclinations. Though he'll deny it fervently, he and Kuga seem to share a dysfunctional friendship. Ren also works odd jobs to pay off his tuition at St. Nazareth. While on a stay on Cain's island, it is discovered that Ren and Cain are half brothers. Ren has revealed the reason for his entering the Academy: that being someone had anonymously contacted him through means of a paper crane, with instructions to ruin Cain Kumoide. In his childhood, he was always tormented about him being the illegitimate son of the previous family head.In chapter 19, he exposed the real reason of why he went to study in St. Nazareth. He felt betrayed when Cain exiled his mother and him from the family, as Cain was the only one who had treated him with kindness.


  • Ren and Cain are brother's that have different surname's.
  • Ren dosen't like Cain because of the exile from the past.