Voiced by: Nakamura Yuuichi (Drama CD)

Age: 16

Birthday: December 7th

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 183cm

'Blood Type:' O

Hates: Old fashioned things

Cain is a first year at St. Nazareth Academy. He is the President of the student council, he beat out Kitou for it. Cain lives in the famous A-hall. He is very cold and mean. But doesn't show this to his fans, to them he is a sweet guy. Hiyoki thought he had dual personality. He takes afternoon naps and likes to tease Hiyoki about her hair calling her tails. Cain has a very big hate for S-hall. The reason as to why is unknown yet. Cain has a very mysterious air around him. His big plan is to dimolish S-hall.When Hiyoki confronts Cain about destroying S-Hall he does not understand why she cares for S-Hall so much when she only just got there. He assumes its because she has already got a boyfrend. He says this out loud to Hiyoki which gets him slapped. Cain has a very mysterious air around him. He shares the same ability as Hiyoki, being able to look into people's unconscious mind, their 'dreams'. He has also been mentioned to read people's thoughts and their futures.


  • He had a flashback seeing Hiyoki as a young or 5 year-old girl.
  • Secretly Cain has been jealous seeing Kuga with Hiyoki in Chapter 10.
  • Cain likes to call Hiyoki "Tails" because of her two long ponytails.
  • Cain's dreams are never revealed to Hiyoki since chapter 1.
  • Cain is Ren's Big Brother.
  • Cain has the same secret as Hiyoki, They could see each other's dreams.